Thursday, August 1, 2013

We have a foundation

Our SR sent me this picture yesterday at about and I was truly amazed at how far they have come. The foundation is all set and even looks like the walls are coming up. According to our PM this week they will be installing the underground sewer lines and water lines and spraying the foundation with a waterproofing tar that protects the basement from moisture.They will also be installing all the under concrete plumbing as well as the drain tile pipe and sump pump in the basement. They will also be pouring the garage and basement concrete. Starting next week the framing should begin, exciting!!

On to other news, I made another change to the recent change. Our LO gave me another GFE including the $9000 changes and it did not change much. I had expected to see at least a 3k drop in cash outlay  but what did I see? The total cash due at settlement just came down by only a few hundreds and the monthly payments were still as high as ever. So you know what, I called up our SR and asked if I could at least add my granite countertops back. She had to check with her manager and two days later the answer was a yes. Thumbs up to my very dynamic SR for putting forward my case to her manager and pleading on my behalf so I could get my "100th" change order through. Hmm I just didn't see the point in making that sacrifice and then still having the mortgage at about the same amount.


  1. Wow that's so nice of your SR! You won't believe the drama we had to go thru to get one thing changed after the construction had started.

    Good for you!

    It won't be too long before all the good stuff starts flowing in.... :-)

  2. Well.. those granite counter tops sure are nice. I think! Those are supposed to be installed today (or yesterday) but I am stuck at work tonight and can't go see.. For what changed in your price you will most likely be much happier with the granite, and would eliminate the "what if" factor that would have nagged the hell out of you every time you walked into the kitchen.. enjoy them :)

  3. Just found your blog. We are building a Rome in N. VA.

    Congrats on your foundation.

  4. Thanks, I'll check your blog out.

  5. Drove down our street today, lots of exciting stuff happening on your lot!! Not sure if you got an update but had to tell you it's starting to look awesome!!

  6. Yes Amy, drove there on Friday and also this evening and was pleasantly surprised. Check out my latest posts. Was hoping to see you though, what time were you there?