Monday, July 22, 2013

Ground Breaking at Last

So I went to the site on Friday to make my changes and guess what I saw on lot 138?


           They were breaking ground at last! So, construction of our home has officially started.

Franka, (friend) all the way from Houston to see the site

Me at the site on ground breaking day.

I was able to make the changes to the selections as planned. I dropped the partial stone infront of the house that was $4000 saved, I dropped granite counter tops additional $4,000 saved and downgraded the kitchen cabinets from Wyoming cherry spice to Maple spice Timberlake which saved another $1000. In all we reduced the house price by $9,000 which the SR said was not bad at all.

The drop in price is supposed to save us an extra $3,000 from the total cash due at closing which we intend to use to buy the interest rates down. Hopefully with the drop in price and interest rates we can make the cut hughh!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Yesterday I had a call form our SR, it was the kind of call I had been waiting for. At last they will be breaking ground this week, the wait is finally over! I asked myself why I should be thrilled with them starting construction, wasn't that supposed  to be a given? After all wasn't that why I was paying all that money?

My joy was short lived as today I received  an updated Good Faith Estimate from our loan officer. The interest rates had spiked from 3.6% when the first estimate was given to 4.625%. Boy was I upset as that added an additional $300 to our monthly payments. Something has got to give! We have to drop some options.

Called our SR up and asked to drop at least 10k to lower our monthly payments so as to stay within our budget. She was quite receptive and said she would convey my request to her manager, but I shouldn't be too hopeful for certain things might just not be possible to drop at this time. Well, as she advised me not I am hopeful :-) I am already figuring out what must go!!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Our SR told me construction will start exactly two months after signing the contract, well, it is now 2 months and  10 days and nothing has started. I'm getting a little anxious but I've decided to take my attention off the whole thing but that's also hard too!! hugh!

 I've asked what the hold up is and they explained something about the county delaying the approval because the lot was previously designated for town homes and now they've been converted to single family homes. We just sold our current home so we have to move out regardless of whether our new home is ready. It sucks to have to move twice! Well each time I fuss about this to RH they tell me to just look at the bright picture ahead. Oh well, I'm hoping they'll break ground this week, I'm tired of waiting!