Victoria Falls Elevations

Elevation A with Bricks

Elevation B with Partial Stones

Elevation D with Bricks

Elevation D, with siding. This is what we will now be getting

Elevation E with full Brick
Elevation C With Partial Stones


  1. I think your last picture is actually elevation C. I think the E is the double roof elevation. :)

  2. Oh really, I've actually been looking for Elevation C. As u may have noticed it was the only one missing. I guess not anymore. I ' ll change that when I get a chance. Thank u much!

  3. Believe it or not, the Elevation A is an Oberlin Elevation A. They look VERY similar! Feel free to use our house for Elevation A with brick!

  4. That is too funny, I would never have guessed it wasn't a VF. Being that u live in one I believe you!! I'm still laughing at the mix up, I bet no one else has noticed, except of course those with the VF and Oberlin elevation A. Quick question, did you add the 4ft extension in the family room? If not is it spacious enough? I did not and am now worried it might be too small.

    1. We thought it was the VF at first also! Now that we know the Oberlin and the VF, you can tell by the window over the garage :-)

      The 4 ft extension was something I was worried about. We did not add it and chose to use the money elsewhere. There is PLENTY of room in the family room, perfect actually. The 4 ft extension would make it significantly bigger and I think furniture would be lost in it! You will be fine with it I think. We have the finished basement for major playing with the kids (and the yard. We actually spend most of our time in the family room though.

  5. Congratulations you are in your home! The Elevation A is a Oberlin and sits directly next to my house. I posted it on my site to offer some clarity. It has a great floor plan and totally different from what we have been seeing on the blog. It has so much potential to expand. Our neighbor just kept the standard features of the home.