Friday, September 13, 2013

It's starting to look like a home!!!

So I visited the house yesterday and was surprised to see they had the shutters already. The outside is almost done but for the trim that needs to be painted white. Was also surprised by the goodies in the garage which I was told would all go in today.The first coat of paint was in but it didn't look much different from the last time I was there so I knew today was going to be the big day.

And it truly was because even though I was told the cabinets, doors and trim were going to be put today, I still wasn't ready for the surprise I got. It was beautiful in there, our SR's voice kept echoing to me saying "you gonna love your house when it is done, don't worry about anything" Do you think I believed her? Now I do. I love it! I can't wait to add more trim to the foyer and hallway after we close and then paint the whole place up. I love color, so the 10 month wait period thing sounds like Greek to me right now. Enough talking, let the pictures do the talking. Next week they'll get the flooring done, can't wait! Until next post remain blessed.

The shutters are in, only waiting for trim to be painted white
Side view

Cascading stairs

Foyer from staircase

Stairs, still need to be stained and hardwood installed.

Dining room, love the trim


Case opening from dining room to kitchen
View from loft

Hallway bathroom, love the full cabinet

Master's bedroom double doors to bathroom

Goodies in the garage.

Foyer view from my daughter's bedroom

MBR  double doors
Dining room showing tray ceiling, love it.

Hallway upstairs, will add more trim here.

Stairs leading to basement

Cabinets, picture didn't do it any justice, they are beautiful live!!

Kitchen view from family room

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Siding Completed!!

The parents visited the house for the first time on Thursday. Meanwhile on Wednesday night I stopped by after one week to check on the progress and noticed they had started putting the siding on. So on Thursday when we visited for the tour it was little surprise that the siding had been completed. We met the house in a hot mess as there were at least ten contractors in there working on the drywall. Our PM could not make it to the tour so he sent two of his assistants to give us the tour. They did an awesome job! They stopped the workers and gave us ten minutes to go through the house which we did in say five minutes. I had never seen that place that messy, probably because I usually came around after hours when the contractors were all gone but on Thursday we got there at Nails, drywall, planks and everything lying everywhere. We meandered our way through everything and managed to show the parents and my sis what we've been up to so far. They liked it and are anxiously waiting for the completion. The next day Friday I drove by again and everywhere was sparkling clean! Amazing how they clean up after them.

This week, the PM says they will complete the final stage of the dry-walls and also work on the trim. Isn't it  getting exciting? Yeah!!

Below are a few pictures from the last visit.

Front of house with siding complete, just waiting for the shutters.

Left side
Right side
Family room

Hall way from foyer with drywall

Dining room

With the parents
The parents.