Friday, September 13, 2013

It's starting to look like a home!!!

So I visited the house yesterday and was surprised to see they had the shutters already. The outside is almost done but for the trim that needs to be painted white. Was also surprised by the goodies in the garage which I was told would all go in today.The first coat of paint was in but it didn't look much different from the last time I was there so I knew today was going to be the big day.

And it truly was because even though I was told the cabinets, doors and trim were going to be put today, I still wasn't ready for the surprise I got. It was beautiful in there, our SR's voice kept echoing to me saying "you gonna love your house when it is done, don't worry about anything" Do you think I believed her? Now I do. I love it! I can't wait to add more trim to the foyer and hallway after we close and then paint the whole place up. I love color, so the 10 month wait period thing sounds like Greek to me right now. Enough talking, let the pictures do the talking. Next week they'll get the flooring done, can't wait! Until next post remain blessed.

The shutters are in, only waiting for trim to be painted white
Side view

Cascading stairs

Foyer from staircase

Stairs, still need to be stained and hardwood installed.

Dining room, love the trim


Case opening from dining room to kitchen
View from loft

Hallway bathroom, love the full cabinet

Master's bedroom double doors to bathroom

Goodies in the garage.

Foyer view from my daughter's bedroom

MBR  double doors
Dining room showing tray ceiling, love it.

Hallway upstairs, will add more trim here.

Stairs leading to basement

Cabinets, picture didn't do it any justice, they are beautiful live!!

Kitchen view from family room


  1. Your home is coming along very nicely!! It's amazing how the trim brings out the beauty of each room.

    1. Thanks RickandNadase. I believe so much in trim and paint. They can transform a house. We plan to add more trim on the staircase and in the hallway right after we close.

  2. Your home looks awesome! I love the stairs in the Victoria Falls and that you get double doors to your bedroom (it really does make it feel like an owner's suite). Also loving your cabinets. If I could do it all over again, I think the kitchen cabinets are the one thing I would change.

    1. I'm with you on the cabinets J&M. I asked myself why I bothered so much about it when I was making the choices. Even though I downgraded from the Wyoming cherry spice and saved $1000, these look so nice that I sometimes think I should have gone with the maple spice they were offering for just $50 which I have in the bathrooms.I was really happy with them. What cabinets did you get?

    2. We got the maple spice and wish we got either the white Rushmore or Wyoming cherry spice cabinets. Our maple spice cabinets in the kitchen (along with ubatuba granite) look nice, but not as nice as the top of the line cabinets look and feel. I think it's money well spent on your end!

  3. The house is looking good! I really like all the natural light coming in the loft from the foyer window. Great choice on the cabinets. You'll be able to play with a lot of colors in the kitchen to complement.

  4. OMG! I'm speechless. Great! Great! Great! Will comment live Ms Lah. Can't wait for our next visit

  5. I even hear there's a BONUS room? Hahahaha na me get that one, congrats Jackie!