I'm indeed new to the blogging community so  bear with me if my blog is not like the others you've been reading.I never thought I would be doing this at this time but after reading so many other blogs I kind of got hooked up into the whole blogging thing and couldn't resist sharing our own experience.I just want to give you a brief background of how we found ourselves building a Victoria's falls with Ryan homes.

Having lived in our  1320 sqft town house for ten years, we thought it was time to move into something bigger esp with the family having grown from one person to four. Finding an affordable single family home in the Baltimore  area was such a challenge. Everything we liked was way out of our price range and only those we did not like for one reason or the other were within reach. 

We then decided to cross  over the MD line onto PA where we found the right community and the right home  at the right price. We are about to start this amazing journey of building our own home from scratch!
Victoria falls here we come!

We invite you to share our experiences with us by following the blog as we will update you with how this is turning out, not only in writing but with pictures of course for I know there are lots of visual people like myself.


  1. Good luck on your blogging experience. Just like you I'm new to blogging and I was also inspired by what others were doing for Ryan homes blogs. I look forward to seeing how your home progresses.

  2. Welcome aboard DJ.You will enjoy the whole building and blogging experience I can assure you. Could I have a link to ur blog so I can follow you build please?