Monday, November 25, 2013

We are in ! Some pics as Promised!!

Well, we finally moved in the week-end after we closed and it's been three weeks already, how time flies!!
The move wasn't too bad as we had hired help. It took us 2 whole days to get everything to their right places  and by the following Tuesday we were fully settled in.

We've done a little bit of decoration but contrary to my wish we haven't painted, except for the kid's bedrooms. I know I wanted to paint so bad but it just didn't work out. We hired a painter from Craig's list who claimed he had painted for 41 years . This guy boasted so much of his experience that it was hard not to hire him. First day he painted the kids rooms and was supposed to come back the following morning to paint the living, dining and family rooms. He asked to be paid at the end of each day which we did at the end of day 1.Since I got to the house from work early in the evening  when it was already getting dark,  it was hard to evaluate the work. The next morning when I came back to look at the work(this was before we moved in ) it was a mess! He was supposed to come in at 8am that morning to complete the work and there we were waiting to tell him he was fired but it looks like he knew he was going to be fired so he didn't show up nor call. As I write we haven't heard from him again. I tell you some people are dubious. All the paint he made us buy is now in our storage. In a way it worked out well as I was able to hold off painting until the 10 month inspection, who would have thought?

Decorating has been fun though stressful in a way. I've been in and out of all the stores in town, buyng and returning stuff. For now, we are done. It might not be the ultimate decor but eventually we'll get there.
Here are some pictures as promised.

Living Room

Living room from Dining

Dining Room from living Room

Dining Room


Powder room

Powder room


My daughter's room

My Daughter's room from another angle

My son's room

Guest Room 2

Hallway View

Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom from another angle

Staircase view from above

Foyer from family room

Foyer to family room

Family room

Family Room full view

Guest Room

Guest Room from another angle


Basement Game room


  1. Sorry to hear about your painting experience!! Your house looks lovely though!

    1. Thanks Jess Jess, I was sooo sure we were gonna paint before moving in but here we are. Anyway, that will help us to wait for the 10th month inspection then we can paint once and for all. Do you have a blog I can follow?

    2. Yep, We just closed.

  2. Love the color you choose for your daughter's room. My daughter LOVES tinkerbell too.
    So sorry to hear about your painting experience.. We had that happen to us in our first home (it's built by our parents).. We hired a crew to paint the house during our wedding and honeymoon.. BIG mistake. They did a terrible job. It was my husband who fixed their mistake. Since then we paint ourselves and we realized us new-bees can do a great job (or at least it looks great to us) when we have the right equipment. It's fun.

    1. Thanks Thanushka, I'm glad your daughter too is into Tinkerbell. I can only imagine you guys fixing the mistake of those you paid to do the job?

      You needed to hear how this guy we hired boasted, he was like" if I can't do a good job after 41 years then I might as well join congress" Honestly we would have done a better job ourselves, but because of the trim in the living and dining room, I'm too scared to mess with it, I really want it to turn out right.

  3. Looks awesome! It is always nice to see how everyone adds their own touches!

  4. Thanks Elise, hopefully when we paint, we'll arrive our final destination.

  5. Very nice. I like how you've made the place your own. The bonus bedroom guest bed looks gigantic but I know that room and it couldn't possibly be that big.We managed to fit our old queen bed and two night stands against the far wall (between window and closet) and maximized the space. Had to get creative with the night stand feet and shift the ones against the closet wall and window wall half an inch to inside though, worked out OK.

    Paint is not fun, but we have done a few walls with acceptable results if Picasso does not show up at the house, and who knows, it might be his kind of thing! We do advise checking with the painters who painted the model home for Ryan Homes. Get contact info from PM, he'd know.. we got a quote for $1000 for the whole house (no basement) from him for two coats, we saw his work at the model and it is good.

    Really love the dining room windows.. very cool stuff.. I've seen those kitchen cabinets before!

  6. Your home looks lovely and cozy! You did a great job! Congratulations!!😀🎉😀🎉😀

  7. Thanks Nadase!! Longest time!! How have u been?