Saturday, October 12, 2013

Interior almost done!

I 've been gone gone gone again, so much for my bogging skills right? Well, it's been one stressful period for me with all kinds of things going the wrong way. Well, God is good and I'm still standing.

The interior of the house is done I can say but our PM says a few touch ups need to be made on the paint here and there and other little repairs. The following have been completed since my last post:

  • Fireplace has been installed
  • Kitchen appliances are in
  • Hardwood flooring and carpet are in
  • Lighting  fixtures are all in including all the chandeliers
  • Doors are all installed and painted
  • Mailbox and house number are done
  • Garage door system installed.
  • Cascading stairs have been stained
  • All trim is now complete.
  • Water is now running through all the faucets.

  • Electricity, cable and phone have been installed
The exterior is another story. For the last two weeks everything had been done in preparation for grading and concrete being poured but as we speak or rather as I write, the outside is still a hot mess. I had one of those utility boxes in the middle of the front of the house which had to be moved but the utility company did not do that on time which caused a big delay in the house having electricity and the landscape being graded. That led to the work extending to this week which has seen nothing but rain. It has been raining cats and dogs for the last three days so no work can be done outside. To cut a long story short our closing has been delayed by 11 days. We were supposed to close in less than a week but we will now be closing on Oct.29th, two days before my rate lock expires. Well, guess what? I'm not upset, that means more money in our pockets as we would only pay a prorated mortgage of 2 days at closing instead of the original 13 days.

On another note, I finally got approved by NVR for the mortgage. It took them almost 5 months to give me the approval What a process!! Needless to say my interest rate is nothing to write home about. I am so tired of the whole process and am so ready to be home and not worry about anybody asking for any pay stubs or bank statements and all that crab. This building thing has been fun but boy there have  been some challenging moments! 
I've got a bunch of pictures of what the inside of the house looks like now, I'll post the exterior when it looks more presentable.  I apologize for the pictures being all over the place, for some reason blogspot is not cooperating with me this evening. Until next post remain blessed.


View of family room from foyer

Cascading waterfall stairs

Bottom of stairs

Foyer view from Family room

Hallway view from Bonus room
Bonus room entrance

Hallway landing and loft from my daughter's room
MBR Soaking tub
Soaking tub from another angle
MBR shower
MBR double sinks

MBR with tray ceiling

Kitchen and family room from dining.
Family room at close range, showing fireplace with granite surround.
Stove and microwave
Island with new Caledona granite
Kitchen view from Family
Going down the basement stairs
Basement full flight of stairs
Dining room
Basement outlet
Entrance to bonus room
Hallway landing
Bathtub and double windows


  1. I absolutely love all of the molding! We built an Avalon last year:

    1. Thanks Maria! They actually did a super job with the molding. Avalon. Huh that's a big one! I'll check ur blog out.

    2. Actually it is small compared to some of my neighbors! I have a few neighbors that have the Monarch. Ryan doesn't even sell it anymore. The Monarch is massive! We were actually going back and forth between the Victoria Falls and the Avalon. We had a Courtland for 10 years. We didn't want to go bigger, but we didn't want the same floor plan again. I love your staircase.

    3. I've never heard of the Monarch, I can't imagine any house bigger than the Avalon. Now I remember you, talking about having lived in the Courtland for 10 years and now moving to the Avalon. That too is a pretty big house, you would have been downsizing if you got the VF.

      So sorry about the sewage issue you are having. Hope that gets resolved ASAP.

  2. Beautiful!! So funny, I think you have the same color wood floors as us and the family room looks similar. It was like I was looking at my own pics! Looks awesome! Love the molding!

    1. Thanks Elise, that's why I had to check the "temparature" of the family room with u knowing that we had the sake selections there. I'm glad my wood flooring is like urs coz I really liked ur floors and kitchen. Can't wait to move in though, I've had enough of he waiting!

  3. How awesome to get them to do the crown molding upstairs!! SCORE! They kept saying it wasn't an option. BS. Did you have to put in a custom request. I didn't fuss too much because I had to choose my battles. I also love the tray ceiling in your master. Very nice. They are now offering it for the new Rome 05.

  4. Thanks Nadase. No, I didn't have to put in a custom request. The molding on the upper floor came with the level 2 trim package. I'm surprised it was'nt an option in ur community. In what neighborhood are u?

    1. We live in Bowie Maryland and they trim package was only offered for the lower level in the foyer, dining and study. They claim they could not do it on the upper level. I may not be able to get the tray ceiling and if that is the case. I am going to be sure to put the crown molding in our master and other locations.

    2. I know Bowie very well. It must have been expensive building in MD. We had to escape to PA to get a break.

      I believe different communities offer different packages.
      We didn't get to have trim in the study.I think if you cannot get the tray ceiling in the master, the crown will do. Since I have the tray ceiling I won't be adding any crown in there. Will find other ways to make it pretty.

  5. This is looking absolutely beautiful. Lots of your choices are making me say, "woulda, coulda, shoulda!" One of the coolest things are the direct set hardwood stairs going into the matching hardwood foyer.. that is priceless.

    Love the finished basement too, ours looks like a forgotten storage unit in comparison. The master bedroom and bathrooms are great looking as well.. The tray ceiling and the tiles are great selections as well as the dining room and bay windows.. all of these are selections we would have loved to do but had to pick our battles with having to pay out of pocket for every additional selection as we maxed out the loan amount..

    It all looks great to tell you the truth, wonderful looking house and I know you will singing "Happyme, Happyme!" very happily indeed.. the flipped elevation still makes my head spin :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Ha ha ha Ella, your message made me laugh so hard this morning. I'll be singing "happyme ,happeme" indeed, if I could only go past the coulda woulda shouda of not getting the bathroom in the bonus room. At least yours are things that could be added later, the flooring and finished basement, I don't know if I could ever add a bathroom to that room. Pratically it would be hard for anyone to use that room and have to share the hallway bathroom. It was quite costly to add that bathroom, I believe 10k or so. Even As we speak, we cannot afford that. Overall though I am very happy with the way the house turned out, better than what I had imagined

  6. Your home looks awesome!!!love the tray ceiling. Wish we had selected this option. We are building a Victoria Falls too, reverse model. Do you find that the ceiling in the master bedroom is a bit low even with the tray ceiling? The stairs is just simply gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Bold Nikki. No, the ceiling is just fine, we don't find it low at all. Do you have a blog we can follow?

    2. Hi, I have a blog that I really need to update.....

  7. Absolutely stunning and I'm so jealous of the trim/molding package. It's gorgeous. so wish we had sprung for that! Oh well. Hope you get to move in soon!

    1. Amy my neighbor, what can I say to you? Your house is lovely too! All them windows you threw in there! If it is just the trim I have good news for you, you can always add that later on. Can't wait to meet you in person.

  8. Love the first i thought i was looking at my pics lol!! All your molding is your upstairs..we wish we included the bonus room!! You have really nice options!!!

  9. Thanks Roger and Donna. I actually stole the idea of shadow boxes on the staircase and hallway from you. Your blog was the first I ever came accross in the blogging world and I kept referring to it for everything. I am so glad our house is like yours to you, mission accomplished!!

    I know, everyone will always wish they included one thing or the other. For me it is the bathroom in the bonus room. I'm really glad we included the bonus room though 'coz it lifted the front look of the house big time. From outside everyone thinks it is such a big house.

  10. Looking good! I saw you have a single door to the bonus room vs. the double doors I got, I didn't know it was an option?