Sunday, September 8, 2013

Siding Completed!!

The parents visited the house for the first time on Thursday. Meanwhile on Wednesday night I stopped by after one week to check on the progress and noticed they had started putting the siding on. So on Thursday when we visited for the tour it was little surprise that the siding had been completed. We met the house in a hot mess as there were at least ten contractors in there working on the drywall. Our PM could not make it to the tour so he sent two of his assistants to give us the tour. They did an awesome job! They stopped the workers and gave us ten minutes to go through the house which we did in say five minutes. I had never seen that place that messy, probably because I usually came around after hours when the contractors were all gone but on Thursday we got there at Nails, drywall, planks and everything lying everywhere. We meandered our way through everything and managed to show the parents and my sis what we've been up to so far. They liked it and are anxiously waiting for the completion. The next day Friday I drove by again and everywhere was sparkling clean! Amazing how they clean up after them.

This week, the PM says they will complete the final stage of the dry-walls and also work on the trim. Isn't it  getting exciting? Yeah!!

Below are a few pictures from the last visit.

Front of house with siding complete, just waiting for the shutters.

Left side
Right side
Family room

Hall way from foyer with drywall

Dining room

With the parents
The parents.


  1. Love the color of that siding. Very elegant. I am sure I have seen it before, but it never looked as good as it does on your house.

    Your house is looking great and coming along nicely.

    Very interesting to see the shot if the back of the house. We have a few extra windows and the morning room, and I would have never believed this is the same house if I had seen them side by side.. Of course the reverse layout makes my head spin already :)

  2. Thanks Ella, I really liked it myself when I saw it, I picked it but wasn't sure if it would turn out right. So many people like it already which consoles me for not getting the brick I so much desired but couldn't afford.

    I know, the back of the house is so flat without the morning room. Thank Goodness it is the back! Hopefully in future it will look more stylish when we add the morning room and deck.

    How does it feel living in a VF?

    1. Totally hate going up and down those stairs..

      If electrical is not done, request that switched outlets to be installed on their own plates on the wall (not combined with other lights), because when you look at a plate and it has 4 switches on it, and you flip half of them and nothing happens, it will drive you nuts!

      Watch how master bedroom opens and how master bath opens, make sure the same half swings, not left on one and right on the other, it will miss up your orientation. Make sure switches by master bedroom doors are NOT behind the door when it swings open. That's how we have it and it is stupid..

      Wish we had a full bath in the first floor, so when the kids are playing with mud outside we could drag them into the shower by the front door (no shower in that bath, you now!) instead of going up and down stairs.. Otherwise love it very much..

      Watch out where the HVAC vents are!!! Look at the design diagram. You should have two vents in the bonus room AND an intake one, and you MUST have one in the loft.. They left those out of our house and it feels hot in those areas and stuffy. Demand those are put in place if they are missing. Now is the time to check and get it fixed.. There is a 5 degrees difference between those areas and rest of house.

      Not doing the morning room might be very smart. You can add it on later for much cheaper than Ryan would charge, and you can do your own design which might be much bigger.. Including the option to do a two story thing with a balcony or walk in closet for the room above... options options :)

    2. Thanks Ella, for the advice. I'll have to hold this posting when next I go in there so I remember to make all my checks. These are the little things that could make a big difference when we stat living in there.

      I know what you mean about the stairs, hopefully you'll get used to them soon enough.

      Yep, there are lots of options on the morning room after we move in, but I'm afraid it will not be right away. Hopefully we don't get derailed by other plans.

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  4. WOW... its looking great! I love the color of the siding. Very clean. Dry wall is the messiest part of the whole process. It kept me away for a little bit!:-)

    Yep, the fun part will start after this...the details! Every time you go you'll find something new. You'll love it more with each coming day.

  5. Thanks S&P, can't wait for the fun part to begin. I just held my breath througout the whole electrical wiring and plumbing phase waiting for fun things to start happening.

    Can't believe you are actually closed! Congratulations again! When are u moving in?

  6. Your home looks great. I love all the pictures with the family. You will have to frame them and put them up in your home. The Vic Falls has such great curb appeal.

  7. Thanks Melissa, that's a great idea, I can already picture these in the foyer.

    So sorry that you keep getting all these delays on your home. Don't give up, you're at the end of it all, don't let another person reap what they did not sow. You worked hard for this house and you deserve to enjoy it to the fullest!