Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pre- Drywall Meeting pictures!!

I know I've been gone for a while, not so much because I'm a blogger slacker which I totally am but because I had my little thing going on with my  foyer window. Well, for the last two weeks I 've been stalking the site hoping to see the foyer window being put up but to no avail. Our PM had told me the window got broken when the framing was done and a replacement was supposed to be put. One whole week went by no window, I would stop by the house every day after work hoping to see the window. I was getting really fed up about the situation. The second week went by with the same disappointment. I kept telling myself that I will only update my blog once I could take a picture of the house with the window. On Saturday our PM told me the framers would be back Monday or Tuesday to install the window, Monday I reluctantly drove by, no window. Yesterday was the first day I was able to refrain from stopping by, even then I asked our SR to take a picture and send to me if on her way home she saw the window. I waited, na-da, it meant no window.Well  we had our pre-drywall walk through today and I went to meet with the PM at the house and guess what I saw? Foyer Window finally! I thought I would be excited but I wasn't, I guess I had waited too long and the excitement was gone. So that was my foyer window episode. 

Before I proceed with the pre-drywall meeting which of course is the topic of the day here are a few updates since the last post:

  • Roof has been installed.
  • HVAC installed
  • Electrical wiring connected

  • Plumbing Installed.
  • Guardian cables connected 
  • Garage door installed
  • Front steps and  stair welled exit completed.
  • Fireplace installed  
  • Entire Framing completed
So today at the pre-construction meeting, the PM and I walked through all the plumbing, electrical and HVAC installations with him explaining every single connection. I took my notes and of course pictures of everything. He answered all of my questions to my satisfaction except the question on the insulation in the garage. I asked him if the garage would be  100% insulated so I don't run into Brian's issues with the bonus room but he said no but then went ahead to explain why it did not need 100% insulation. Hope I don't get heating and cooling problems in that room!

 I also got a letter stating our  pre-settlement walk through date and our closing date which are 10/16/2013 and 10/18/2013 respectively. We still have ways to go! Oh  did I mention dry walling starts next week? Yes, our PM said they will be putting the dry walls on Tuesday which will take anywhere from 4 to 6 days. Insulation of the home will take place by the end of this week. Can't wait to see the actual walls in the house!!

In other news, I have been shopping for appliances and furniture, haven't bought anything yet but trying to catch all the labor day deals. Wish me well.

Enough long talk, I bet you are ready for some pictures. Here they are.Until next post remained blessed. (I promise it won't take this long again.

Framers doing last minute fixes

Stairs from garage

Back of the house taken about two weeks ago


Looking at the living dining room from the living room

Bonus room

Double doors to media room

Foyer view from upstairs

Guardian box for cable and phone cables

Loft window

Water heater

Soaking tub being protected.

Sliding glass door from kitchen

Single stair welled exit

HVAC unit

This is what the house looked like for the last two weeks during the foyer window ordeal.


  1. It looks great. Glad you have your closing date. I love the front of your home, the roof line has a ton of character.

    1. Thanks, I love the roof line too. Hope u get a definte closing date on ur home soon, I feel really terrible for you that you have to go through all the delays but it shall be well.

  2. Hey...that's close!!!
    I love your soaker tub...Yeah, I can't see it but I can tell its huge! Its coming along...

  3. Thanks S&P. Well the soaker tub to me is just average size but I agree it is beautiful. I'm ready to move in already! I guess you're counting down to hours now! How many hours until Friday?

  4. It is just huge and beautiful girl and the tub is to die for if I were you I would imagine myself sippin champagne in that fabulous tub! You go girl!

  5. Thanks chateaunadine, can't wait for the sippin to start happening. How's the chateau coming along? Long time no updates.

    1. Hi there! We drove by today to see our progress and they started framing today! On a Saturday! I was impressed. I noticed all the siding was done! On your house! Do you mind me asking what the name of the siding color is that you chose?

    2. Hi Amy, yes, they had the siding in last Wednesday, I love it. Will update the blog soon. I'm not sure what the exact color is, I can't find the document that has it, I might have it in the storage. Will check with SR and let you know. Ur house is coming up too with the framing being don5e this week.