Sunday, August 4, 2013

One step closer!!

I've been gone for a couple of days because we were moving. We moved into our temporary apartment yesterday. It wasn't bad at all as we had movers over, we started at and by 3 pm we had all our stuff in the storage and apartment. We just went back to the townhouse today to do the final cleaning touches and hand over all keys to the new homeowner. What a sigh of relief!!

Truck loading in front of the townhouse early Saturday morning.

My toddler having a blast with the whole moving show

Living room now empty

Front of townhouse, will miss it though.

We are now cramped up in our tiny apartment about 10 minutes drive from our new construction where we'll be until our Victoria Falls is ready for us.. Very exciting to be able to zoom in and out of the site. Check my next post coming soon for updates.


  1. My hub and I were honored to tour the construction site today and I'm too excited and proud of my reliable and able 'peeps'... I love, love love the views around especially as it reminds my hub of the famous 'Woodstock'! Ha
    Yes guys, 138 is coming up well...

  2. Ms Lah!! OMG can't believe you already posted on the blog. Still so proud of you guys for driving all the way to see us!! When you get a chance go through all the tabs to get a better Idea of what the Victoria Falls is all about.

    Luv u much!!!

  3. I sure will my Dear! You rock!! We had fun visiting and couldn't be proud of you all!

  4. Ooops! Couldn't be more proud of you!

  5. Great venture!Great Project! I can imagine the excitement watching things unveil before your very eyes.
    Keep up the good work n keep track of those figures/calculations (trust ya).