Sunday, August 4, 2013

Framing has begun

Some friends of ours came to visit us today at our apartment and we decided to take them to the site. We were last there on Friday when they had just finished the foundation. We were not ready for what we saw!!. The framing had not only begun but was far gone. The ground floor and basement had been framed already. I could recognize all the rooms as I walked in. It was interesting though.  Those builders work with the speed of lightening!! and they work on Weekends too!! I was totally surpised at what I saw. I have read about these surprises on several blogs but that still wasn't enough to get me ready for mine. AMAZING! is all I could say. Here are some pictures we took.

Front view of the house

Family room window and back sliding glass door from dinette

Basement, recreation room facing media room


Leslie, friend in front of the house

View of the family room

Powder room

Leslie & TK

View of dining room from Kitchen


  1. How very exciting! We drove by last night and saw all this and we were amazed! Can't wait for the process to start on ours!

  2. It starts. The full house will be roofed in just five days given no rain and no delays. This next part is amazing..

  3. Congratulations on your framing it looks great its going to fly by from here!

  4. Thanks Chateaunadine. I can't wait for the finshed product! Been dreaming about it for a long time! I stumbled on ur blog once but couldn't find it again. Aren't you the ones building with another builder other than Ryan? Could you send me the link please so I can follow?

    1. sure its and yes were building with a custom builder in Maryland.

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