Friday, August 9, 2013

As of Today

I stopped by the house again today after work and this is what  it looks like.

Love the raised garage roof, thanks to the bonus room

Our PM told me they should be done with the framing this week and electrical wiring and plumbing should begin next week (boring stuff). It will so not be exciting for me. He said this would take a while and if the weather is not very cooperative I should expect delays. Oh well, I believe we're still a long way from October so I couldn't be bothered right now. 

The next phase I'm looking forward to is the drywall phase when the rooms in the house will actually come to life. Inside the house everything looks like a skeleton right now, can't wait for it to get some flesh. I don't have any pictures of the inside as I've been given an "embargo" by the PM not to go in unaccompanied, y'all know the drill. Oh well, until next post remain blessed.

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