Monday, July 22, 2013

Ground Breaking at Last

So I went to the site on Friday to make my changes and guess what I saw on lot 138?


           They were breaking ground at last! So, construction of our home has officially started.

Franka, (friend) all the way from Houston to see the site

Me at the site on ground breaking day.

I was able to make the changes to the selections as planned. I dropped the partial stone infront of the house that was $4000 saved, I dropped granite counter tops additional $4,000 saved and downgraded the kitchen cabinets from Wyoming cherry spice to Maple spice Timberlake which saved another $1000. In all we reduced the house price by $9,000 which the SR said was not bad at all.

The drop in price is supposed to save us an extra $3,000 from the total cash due at closing which we intend to use to buy the interest rates down. Hopefully with the drop in price and interest rates we can make the cut hughh!


  1. Woohoooo! Congrats!!!

    And I love the savings :-)

  2. Thanks S&P, i love ur house too, really love the elevation, very stylish.

  3. Congratulations on the start of your build. This is a great time and such a big change, from looking at a lot to seeing a house grow on it.. The most amazing thing to see next is how quickly the framers build the whole house in some 5 days..

    We posted the loft and bonus bedroom pictures on our blog because you asked for it :) Yes, you lose the largest walk-in closet but get the loft, and get more direct light through the window which is great.

    Your downgrades are very smart. You are making good choices and saving money. We went through a lot of changes before we settled on what we got, and there is plenty we would remove if we had to do it over..

    We are also following your progress now. Thank you for sharing the pictures of the model home. We've never seen a Victoria Falls elevation D model before and the pictures give lots and lots of ideas!

    Note: if you get an email notification with this post but see there is no post on the blog then it landed in your Spam comments sections, please mark it as Not Spam and it'll show up and the world will be safe once more..

  4. Hi Ella, welcome on board! I know it is really amazing to see how a lot is transformed. My SR sent me some pictures today and it already looks different. This journey is quite an interesting one.

    I was really concerned about losing the walk-in closet so I had to consult the floor plan again. I did see that we still get a second walk-in closet at the other end of the room, though not as big but it will have the an additional rack for clothes replacing the window in the standard plan which made me feel so much better. I spoke to my SR this mroning and she confirmed this.

    Yes, I had that experience when someone posted the first comment on the blog. I saw it in my e-mail but couldn't find it on the blog. Fortunately I landed on the spam setting yesterday and was able to retrieve it. Any more tips are definitely welcome. Thanks again for joining and I will be following ur progress too.

  5. So exciting! Looking forward to seeing your home come to life.

  6. Hi there! I just found your blog and I also building a Vic Falls elevation D in Logan's Reaerve! Lot 126. Small world! I saw that your lot started building, so exciting!! Feel free to follow my blog

  7. Hi Amy, how exciting to meet my new neighbor on the blog!! Wow another Victoria falls in the hood. Yes, elevation D was our favorite, would have loved full bricks but the $$ was quite a bit. I actually love the vinyl front house you have on your blog. It made me feel good about dropping the partial stones in front. I tried to join your blog but couldn't find where to follow, could you guide me? Really excited about us building together, I guess I'll be meeting you real soon.

  8. Hi there, I'm not very familiar with blogging so I'm sure I didn't set up my page very well. I made some tweaks this morning so hopefully you are able to join my blog now. Let me know! Can't wait to see your house start coming together, it will let me know what I can expect! We had our pre-construction meeting last friday and are scheduled to break ground within the next week or two. The lot right next to ours is building right now too. Lot's of exciting building going on in our neighborhood right now!

    I currently live right down the street in my townhouse right now, in the Seneca Ridge development. So I drive by the new neighborhood often to see how things are coming along. We sold our townhouse and are moving out on the 16th. We are fortunate that we can live with my husband's parents until the house is complete, which should be in early December.

    Hope to meet you soon!

  9. Congratulations on the sale of your home, it is so much relief when that gets taken off your shoulders when you are looking to buy or build a new home.

    Happy to know there are lots of homes that have taken off already, hopefully by Christmas time we will all be set and our street will be all spiffy spiffy!

    We just closed on our townhome on Tuesday and are moving to an apartment in the area tomorrow. Lots of parking going on. I will be stopping by this weekend to see things for myself. I will definitely check out your lot who knows, I could find you there too.